Summary :

Dec 26, 2004 morning will not be forgotten as the world witnessed the killer waves, Tsunami hitting the coastal shores of southern India. There was total chaos and confusion along the beaches of Chennai where people lived and were rendered homeless.

The youth immediately swung into action and were wading in waters along the shores to help people and clear the traffic to ensure ambulances and vehicles carrying the affected to the hospitals. In the afternoon food packets and clothes started flowing in huge quantities at Sathya Sai temple(SUNDARAM) and the youth formed in groups and went in different directions along the coastal areas for its distribution.

 There was an emergency call from Nagapattinam, the worst affected casualty area, and volunteers were requested to remove bodies and dispose them. A group of boys from Madras rushed to the spot and with the help of other district youth boys carried dead bodies that were totally mutilated. It required lot of mental strength and courage and with the grace of Swami alone, they could able to do it.

The youth group that stayed at Chennai, worked late in the night till early morning. By Swami’s grace and determined effort of the youth boys, the Tsunami relief work was able to reach the affected people who were desperate to start a living.

 After the government agencies took over the situation, the relief team involved in the relief operation went to Prasanthi Nilayam for darshan and Swami gave further directions to go to Nagapatinam and do relief works by providing the necessary house hold materials for starting a living. With the guidance of Swami the Central trust members, the Tamilnadu state president, our youth boys camped at Nagapattinam for a week. The distribution of the relief materials took place systematically with all love and care.

The Youth could see the swami’s unseen hand working through them and an experience that can never be forgotten.


Packaging Relief Materials for Tsunami Victims

Distributing Sai Prasadam


The Tamilnadu sai youth marching to the areas

Removing bodies

Removing bodies

Giving Clothes