Kilpauk Medical College Cleaning

Summary :


On Saturday, 10th January 2009, Bhagawan presented another wonderful opportunity to several of His youth devotees from Chennai area, to act upon these precious words of advice.

In the heart of Chennai city, about 55 urban youth from the Chennai Sai youth wing participated in a massive cleaning activity conducted at the Hospital campus attached to the Kilpauk Medical College. Using the Chennai Sai youth as His worthy instruments, Swami brought about more miraculous transformations inside the Kilpauk Medical College Hospital premises. Upon His Divine Will, youth ventured into several neglected areas and bedraggled buildings inside the hospital and tidied them up in about 5 hours. Various equipment ranging from huge excavator machines to small sickles were used for the cleaning activity.

As it is the case with any seva done under Bhagawan's mission, the cleaning work done by the youth induced an infectious inspiration inside the campus, and several senior college officers and faculty, including the Honourable Dean of the college, the Resident Medical Officer (RMO) and several other doctors and faculty also joined the efforts.

This never-before-seen act by Swami's “Seva Sena” was received with gratitude and reverence and appreciated by the college staff and media personnel who were at the campus.

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"Selfless service is the fragrant flower of altruistic love. It is not to be performed for the satisfaction of the person rendering the service or the person at whose bidding it is done. Man should regard selfless service as the purpose for which he was given life. This feeling should flow through his very nerves and bloodstream and permeate every cell of his body. Whatever the work we do, we should do it as an offering to God for His pleasures. We should take up service activities for the purification of our own hearts." - BABA

The local Daily "Dinamalar" had the article about the same on 11 Jan 2009