Diwali 2006 - Seva Report

 Summary : With the Blessings of Beloved Bhagawan, Sai Youth of Chennai had the unique opportunity, to celebrate our Diwali by serving the unprivileged children in Sai Kripa. ( Sai Kripa -Annadhana Seva Samaj, having very poor/orphan kids as inmates) .Thirty of our boys participated to treat and celebrate with the 50 inmates. The program was as listed below..

* Entertainment show
We had got excellent mimicry and skit artists who made the children forget everything and laugh and rejoice. And the artists who came were also moved by the sweet little kids and they extended beyond their time and made them happy.

* Gifts for the Kids
We gave them new dresses and made them feel the diwali mood.

* Crackers for the Kids
We arranged bag full of crackers to each of the kids and we enjoyed watching them having fun with them.

* Grand Feast for the Kids
An excellent feast, a traditional diwali style food was served to the Narayanas as Narayana Seva.

* A small video show for the Kids
A small video show was also put for them to enjoy and complete the day of diwali with joy and joy and joy only.

we dedicate all our actions to swami who gives wonderful opportunity to serve "Manava == Madhava"


Diwali Wishes to the Little Narayanas


The Feast